How To Make 7 Figures With Your Story

Learn from top 7 figure speakers on how to grow your business to 6 and 7 figures, how to sell from the stage and
how to build income, impact, and influence with your speaking!

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  • How to build and grow a multimillion-dollar business with your speaking
    We've built several 7 figure businesses with our speaking and want to teach you how to do the same!

  • How to build a 7 figure business with webinars
    Did you know that webinars can be extremely profitable if you know how. Our speakers have done over 1 000 sales presentations including webinars. You are learning from the best!

  • How to dominate your market by positioning yourself as an authority figure in your niche
    Do you want to be recognized as an authority in your niche? We will show you how to stand out and have a powerful message!

  • How to become an international speaker even if you have never spoken before
    What if we told you that even if you neves spoken before, that you can become equally successful and be invited to world class stages to share your message? We have done it, now is your turn!

  • How to build income, influence, and impact with your speaking
    For us, your message is there to inspire and change the world. 
    How about you build a product or a service around your message that will help you grow in any possible way? We will show you how!

  • Millionaire Speakers
    Millionaire Speakers Team is a group of Top 7 figure speakers and business owners who have built several multimillion-dollar businesses. We are international speakers with over 40 000 students. You can be our next success story!

Milan Milosevic  - Your Host

Not so long ago I was a broke college dropout who could barely speak English.

15 years later, here I am. After done over 1 000+ presentations including seminars, art auctions, travel talks, sales live presentations and hundreds of online webinars I have learned that in order to build a great business your story needs to be out there first.

I have learned from the greats like Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Jim Francis, Bob Proctor, Michel Beckwith and spoken internationally in US, UK, Dubai and South Africa.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have built several 6-7 figures companies with my speaking and leveraging personal brand and story telling and taught many to do the same.

Featured in Your Business Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Powerhouse Speakers and several business podcasts.

I salute you for taking your life in your hands and deciding to make a difference in your and other peoples lives. Life is all about the knowledge and learning from the right people. 

I am proud of you for taking action and deciding that your financial freedom is non-negotiable! 

Now is your time to thrive! 

"The true secret in business is in building relationships and providing the enormous value."

- Milan Milosevic

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1 000+presentations, hundreds of webinars and live events.

Learn from my experience and don't do the same mistakes I've made.

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